Building your First Performance Fuel System

Performance Fuel System
Cars for the last 100 years or more have used some form of fuel that needed to be pumped into the engine. Modern fuel systems have evolved over the years, and modern performance cars truly demand a lot from their fuel systems. Let's dive into Fuel Systems and how to build them with this series of articles.

Where do we start? 

The fuel system of a performance car must meet the needs of the engine. Think of your engine as a fussing toddler, give it what it needs, so it doesn't put anything else in its mouth, in a case like that it’ll probably eat a piston or rod if gets hungry. So the rule of thumb is always to make sure your engine stays happy and cooing instead of fussing and rowdy. Identifying the needs of the engine is based on the horsepower and torque requirement. Once you know how much fuel the engine would need to make its target the next goal is finding a pump that can supply the needs of this little monster.